Solar Panel Sizes

One of the most crucial decisions in shifting to the solar-powered energy source is the panels’ size to be used. It will depend on your monthly energy consumption, which will vary depending on the season and where you live.

Generally, about 34 panels of 250-watt solar panels are needed for an average structure with annual electricity consumption of 11,000 kWh. The sizes of the panels can be at around 65 x 39 inches for residential use and a bit bigger for commercial use since commercial buildings tend to be bigger. Each solar panel has 60 solar cells responsible for converting the energy from the sun to electricity.

How much energy these panels can produce depends on – the time of the year, weather and season, and where you live. You will get more energy if you live in states with high amounts of sunshine, such as Arizona and California.

Your panels will also have limited energy production if your house is situated in a shady area. To solve the problem, your solar panel provider will look for the best location of the panels before installation.

The time of the year also plays a big factor since it affects the energy produced. Wintertime brings in shorter days with limited amounts of sunshine, while the opposite happens during summertime.

All your questions about the sizes and other requirements can be provided by the company that will install the panels. They will need to assess your place first and your average electricity consumption. You have to work together in analyzing the best plan that will give you energy efficiency provided all the factors, including your budget.

This is why it is important to get the services of qualified professionals because they will be with you from sales to maintenance.

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