Having solar panels installed can be a complicated process if you did not get the services of the right providers. You have to look for companies that offer help in rebates, permits, and other paperwork. They must also provide you with top-notch service from inquiry to troubleshooting and customer support once you have availed of their service.

Here are the top five solar companies you can look into before making a choice:

1. SolarCity

The company is situated in San Mateo, CA, and operates across the US in 20 jurisdictions, including 18 states in the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Southwest, Northeast, and West Coast. SolarCity follows a distributed service model that utilizes local service centers in the US in providing solar energy system installations. Their services are not limited to homeowners, but they can also install in utility companies, government agencies, schools, and businesses.

Dealing with them is easy. It begins with a consultation before coming up with an agreement and design. Installation follows and activation once everything is done. The company has been hailed as the top commercial and residential solar energy provider in the US that offer solar roofs, power walls, and solar panels.

For more info, visit their site at solarcity.com.

2.  Vivint Solar

The company currently operates in 14 US states – Utah, Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Florida, Connecticut, California, and Arizona. Keep on checking them out if you don’t live in any of these areas because the company continues to expand to widen its reach.

Vivint Solar started its operation in 2011, specializing in the maintenance, installation, and sales of solar energy systems for residential use. They aid their clients when it comes to financing through solar lease, solar PPA, solar purchases, and loans.

The company gives you a guaranteed energy production without giving money down since they own the system they use. They also own the panels, giving their clients low energy lock-in rates without paying the upfront costs. They promise a good service with a higher efficiency rate to provide you significant savings in the long run.

For more info, visit their site at vivintsolar.com.

3. Sun Run

The company offers its services to 15 US states – South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maryland, Hawaii, Connecticut, Colorado, California, and Arizona.

Using their own BrightPathTM technology, Sunrun gives its clients customized solutions to residential solar energy systems by taking your roof’s satellite imagery. They help you in choosing the best option when it comes to efficiency and savings. They allow you to determine whether you’d like to use one of their systems or buy your own.

Sunrun provides lifetime support and a warranty. They promise to be with you all the way, from inquiry to system monitoring and maintenance.

For more info, visit their site at sunrun.com.

4. Sunnova

The company provides its services to 16 US states – Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, Louisiana, Indiana, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, California, and Arizona.

They work with a select group of regional installers to provide the best commercial and residential services. You can avail of their services through financing – solar leases, solar PPA, and solar loans, or by paying in cash.

You can first talk to an agent from Sunnova for consultation and know more about their products before agreeing to sign an agreement. Once done, they will design the panels based on your requirements and complete the installation. They also provide top-notch after-sales services, including maintenance, monitoring, and continuous inspection.

For more info, visit their site at sunnova.com.

5. REPOWER by Solar Universe

This company offers sales and installation of commercial and residential solar energy systems in US states, including Washington, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maryland, Louisiana, Hawaii, Connecticut, California, and Arizona.

They can design the power source using the smart home technology where the temperature and lights automatically adjust depending on your use. They also give financial assistance and loans for their panels.

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