How Does A Solar Pool Heater Work?

Heating a pool is costly. Pool heating costs United States homeowners billions of dollars every year to heat 5.7 million pools in the whole nation. So today, a lot of homeowners have resorted to efficient solar pool heaters— solar panels. Solar panels help them heat their pools while reducing their pool maintenance bills.

Firstly, what are solar panels?

These are instruments that convert sunlight into electricity. These cost-efficient and environmental-friendly devices are often made from crystalline silicon or monocrystalline. These are usually about 5.5 ft. by 3.25 ft. and weigh from 2-4 pounds. Solar panels are typically placed on top of a structure’s roof (building or house’s roof) to capture the sun’s light and effectively convert it to solar power. This process is done through a silicon-made solar cell collection such as mini semiconductors.

How does a solar pool heater work?

To achieve that, even relaxing pool temperature, all you have to do is contact solar panel installation service providers. Heating a pool through solar panels is more affordable and, surprisingly, a lot easier than you might have ever thought. Solar panel installations can be completed in as short as a 1-2 weeks span. Thus, you may enjoy the benefits of your solar panel in no time. When the panels’ system is already set up, it has already been completely automated.

Many solar pool systems have various components, including a filter, solar collector, pump, and flow-control valve. These components function together as a whole— a large combined system that warms up your pool to its most desired temperature.

Here’s how the entire flow works:

  • The water of the pool pumps by the filter.
  • Water enters inside the solar collector.
  • Inside the solar collector, water will be warmed.
  • After that, water will be released back to the pool.

There are various kinds of solar collectors, but above-ground and in-ground California pools utilize unglazed collectors. Why are these called “unglazed”? It is because they do not have a glazing covering that catches heat. Instead, these are created from industrial-grade plastic or rubber. Glazed panels can be most beneficial in cold climates because they optimally function when heating water temperatures below freezing.

Why should you install solar panels?

They are affordable

A lot of homeowners thought that heating their pool using a solar panel is expensive. However, this is merely a false assumption. The truth is, you can potentially install solar systems at a much lower price. Because of its growing popularity, solar system pricing has dramatically decreased in the past years. Thus, they are now made more affordable in the market these days.

They are easy to install

Traditional heaters require a skillful plumber for their installation. Fortunately, the installation of solar pool heaters can be as easy and manageable as a DIY task. To properly install the solar panels, you will need some home handyman instruments such as various bits, impact drills, hardware, and caulk. You will also need help from two to three people to arrange, lift, install, and secure the panels.

They are easily maintained.

Unlike those gas heaters, solar heaters can function for ten to twenty years with minimal to no issues. Well, as long as these panels are maintained, it will not be a headache. Repetitive maintenance jobs are straightforward. It only involves checking the chemical balance of your filtering system and pool and cleaning its glazed collectors.

Without solar panels, how expensive is pool maintenance?

Homeowners in the United States spend on regular pool maintenance, roughly around one thousand two hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars every year. Yes, that indeed seems to be “too much” for standard pool consumption, especially when you are on a tight budget. Every homeowner might feel more financially relaxed without the pool in the yard, especially when they have learned the actuality of its concept.

However, many of them admit that the pool maintenance cost is just “worth it” since their children enjoyed the bond and relaxation this water feature provides, especially during weekends. Also, pools can entertain homeowners’ friends and guests, so; it wouldn’t make any sense if they take their pool away.

But what if you are being told that there’s actually another way to minimize the costs of our pool maintenance? What are you learned to achieve these cost-efficient methods without negatively affecting nature or severely overhauling your lot? You’d indeed want to know more about it. Thus, contact solar panel installation services to achieve a cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and practical pool heating system.

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